CAPS Workshops

CAPS Workshops
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Utah State University Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers workshops to teach students skills that will help enhance their quality of life and aid them in their success.  CAPS has filmed the following workshops so that students who are not able to attend them in person on the Logan campus may still be able to benefit from their content.  Below is a description of the workshops.  After reading the descriptions, click the Videos link below to begin watching. 

The Joy of Depression - Authentic Happiness

This workshop is designed to understand the role of pain in signaling the need for change and encourages students to shift their focus from limitations to possibilities. The five dimensions of well being will be explored in concern with the value of mood states, even sadness. Participants will engage in "three good things" exercises and will explore the benefits of promoting well being.

Relaxation and Stress Management

This is a very stressful time to be a college student for many reasons. To be successful, students need well developed skills to manage their stress in addition to just taking time to relax. In this workshop, you will learn some basic ideas about taking care of yourself and specific exercises you can practice to reduce the wear and tear that stress has on our mind and body. You will have the opportunity to experience these exercises as part of this workshop as well as discuss ways to integrate these techniques into your daily life.

Part 1: Introduction to Stress Management
Part 2: Breathing Exercises
Part 3: Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)
Part 4: Visualization
Part 5: Thoughts-Feelings-Behaviors
Part 6: Stress Management and Wellness Plan




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