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This page contains some samples of the variety of elements that can be created by my custom tools. Not all variations are displayed, this is just to give you an idea of what is possible.

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  1. Describe this
  2. Define that
  3. Identify this

Module Readings

  1. Reading 1
  2. Reading 2


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  • Quiz

Assignment Title

Assignment Description

Accordion Panel 1

Accordion 1 panel contents.

Accordion Panel 2

Accordion Panel 2 panel contents.

Accordion Panel 3

Accordion Panel 3 panel contents.

Tab 1 panel contents.

Tab 2 panel contents.

Tab 3 panel contents.

Advanced List

Examples of lists

  1. Default Ordered (Decimal)
    1. Decimal Leading 0
      1. Lower Alpha
        1. Upper Alpha
          1. Lower Roman
            1. Upper Roman
  • Default Unordered
    • Disc
      • Square
        • None
  1. Canvas Icon
  2. Canvas Icon
  3. FA Icon
  4. FA Icon 

Borders and Spacing

Paragraph Border and Spacing

Highlights, Alerts, Emphasis

Well Paragraph

Alert Paragraph

Error Paragraph

Success Paragraph

Information Paragraph

Example Well Div

Example Alert Div

Popover Title

This is my popover. It has some text.

Popup Content & Read More

Modal Trigger

Splice the main brace cog hearties to go on account Jack Ketch lanyard Letter of Marque coffer port jolly boat. Lanyard grog clap of thunder aye Arr fluke reef sails piracy bucko six pounders. Case shot dance the hempen jig bilge water another modal trigger brigantine hail-shot provost Arr salmagundi tooltip heave to man-of-war.

This is my tooltip
Broadside boom prow Tooltip mizzenmast barque Popover loaded to the gunwalls bucko matey take a caulk salmagundi. Red ensign Nelsons folly lad black jack boatswain long clothes barkadeer tackle dance the hempen jig provost. Gold Road long clothes hang the jib Privateer splice the main brace scurvy broadside long boat schooner clipper.

Transom gun gabion smartly keel line ballast parley careen deadlights. Galleon interloper lanyard chase guns gaff gun Chain Shot heave to driver brig. Jack Tar fluke Letter of Marque hempen halter Blimey Barbary Coast poop deck main sheet six pounders scourge of the seven seas.

Boatswain reef sails chandler list six pounders spirits booty cutlass pillage scuttle. Hornswaggle transom reef execution dock bring a spring upon her cable draft gibbet parrel mutiny scallywag. Privateer bilge water aye chase guns come about spanker pink flogging chantey gangway

Modal Title

Modal Contents.

Quick Check 1: Title

Put question text here ("Next" button is hidden until Quick Checks have been answered correctly)

Answer A

This is the correct Answer.

Answer B

I'm sorry, you got this one wrong.


 Table example (one style) with sortable turned on.

Text Date Percent Number Currency
Aardvark 12/25/2013 12% 100 $12.00
Platypus 07/04/1776 14% 77 $1.23
Koala 01/01/2001 1% 0 $0.50
Rhinoceros 11/11/2011 11% -11 $111.11
Alligator 01/26/2014 23% 652 $19.53
Manatee 01/02/2003 45% 14 $925.00
Narwhal 12/07/1941 3% 123 $321.01
Giant Salamander 12/13/2014 36% 55 $0.01

Quick Check 2: Title

Put question text here ("Next" button is hidden until Quick Checks have been answered correctly)

Answer A

Dag nabbitt, you missed this one.

Answer B

Hooray!!! You got it right.

What Next?

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